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ELEVEN Australia Volume Trio

ELEVEN Australia

  • We are proud to share our 2021 Holiday Collection in collaboration with Indigenous artist Ryhia Dank [Nardurna]. Our range of limited-edition gifts appear in a 100% recycled cardboard box and feature a series of colourful patterns, prints and traditional dot work inspired by Ryhia’s connection to Country, her surroundings (rainforests and waterfalls), family time, memories and healing. When Ryhia paints she uses rich, vibrant colours from a range of palettes in her paintings that reflect who she is and where she has come from. “The ELEVEN Australia VOLUME TRIO is called [Magajarra] meaning ‘country’. While driving from Queensland to the Northern Territory there is a hill on one side of the road and one on the other that’s surrounded by plains. They sit there overlooking the land, protecting it. We always camped at the base of one of these hills, it always felt like home.” Ryhia Dank [Nardurna] The ELEVEN Australia x RHYIA DANK Holiday 2021 Volume Trio contains I Want Body Volume Shampoo 300ml, I Want Body Volume Conditioner 300ml and I Want Body Texture Spray 175ml. I Want Body Volume Shampoo is packed with natural proteins that build body. I Want Body Volume Conditioner is the ultimate volume builder. Stacked with proteins, the conditioner thickens hair, providing protection and thickness. I Want Body Texture Spray combines powder and liquid to provide texture like nothing else.